Citadel Theatre

Cultural education

The purpose of this gift is to support Citadel Theatre Youth Education Programs whereby the Citadel Theatre deems funding is most needed and will make the greatest impact. Funding may be designated towards the following programs:

The Eldon and Anne Foote Theatre School
Citadel Young Companies
School Matinees
Students Club


St. Albert Public Library

Community involvement

The purpose of this gift is to support the St. Albert Public Library as they enhance children’s literacy throughout the summer months. This allows school-aged children to approach learning-to-read through a fun, exploratory game at their own pace in the summer. Children that may not otherwise have the opportunity to enhance learning during the summer due to financial restraints are able to receive an entirely free literary experience.


Sturgeon Community Hospital

Health and wellness

The purpose of this gift is to support the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation in it’s effort to provide comfort to families during palliative care stays at the hospital. We will be designing, furnishing, and paying for the costs to improve a waiting room in the Hospital.

This gift will also be used to enhance other projects as required by the Hospital Foundation.


Centre for Family Literacy

Early childhood development

Gifts for the Centre for Family Literacy provide both programs and training for family and adult literacy. They provide resources and serve as the location for intensive long term research on effectiveness of family literacy programs. They seek to pilot and implement innovative new approaches to learning and education.


CASA House

Mental health and education

Donations to McCoy Foundation for the CASA House assist them with programs and services that are tailored to address specific children’s mental health issues. CASA House helps build strong family foundations while the collaborate with families and care providers to meet needs through innovative and creative planning as they execute their services.